Tourism in Kenya


Kenya is one of the world’s greatest tourism destinations, known for its remarkable diversity of landscapes, wildlife and cultures. From sweeping savannahs to tropical beaches and coral reef, dense equatorial forests to mighty mountains, endless opportunities for adventure and discovery and more, Kenya is a world in itself. Infact Kenya is particularly attractive to the travellers as it offers a number of exciting safaris that can range from wildlife safari to business and conference safari.

Wildlife safari

Kenya is home of the wildlife safari and offers some of the best accessible game viewing in the world including the hard to resist bigfive (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino.)These together with many other animals that are unique in Africa can be seen at the National parks and game reserves. You can also enjoy bird viewing.

Experience the wild beast migration in Maasai Mara one of the natural beauties in the world.

Beach Safaris

Kenya has some beautiful beaches with enchanting aqua fauna which are not to be missed while on a tour in Kenya. Relax on a tropical beach and enjoy the glorious Kenya sunshine. For more adventurous activities on beaches in Kenya, there are diving and big game fishing.

Sports Safaris

Kenya is a great destination for sports. Kenya is known for having one of the best runners in the world. Visitors can practice marathon running with world greatest athletes on the hills of the Great Rift Valley. Kenya hosts many marathons throughout the year. Some races take place in the highlands, wilderness of National parks; e.g. the LEWA SAFARI MARATHON combines community conservation and sports. Proceeds that come from the race go to the local community.

Marathon is not the only kind of sports found in Kenya. Visitors can participate or watch football, cricket, polo, horse racing, kayaking, golfing; Kenya has 38 golf courses varied from high altitude places to the low lands and even in the city. Other sports found in Kenya; horse back riding, scuba diving, mountain climbing etc.

Cultural Safaris

Kenyan people are warm, friendly and hospitable. Unique culture of some ethnic groups especially the Maasai is a great experience to be enjoyed. You will meet the tall elegant Maasai whose dress code would want you take a thousand and one pictures.

Bull fighting in Kakamega is a spectacular event that no one should miss. Visitors can also be able to experience different cultural ceremonies like the circumcision of boys in the Western province that takes place in the moth of August that is to say every two years.


Ecotourism Was founded in Kenya in 1996 and Involves travel to natural areas to experience the flora, fauna and way of life of the local communities .Its main goal is to protect wildlife, the wilderness and the culture of the local people”.

Business and Conference Safaris

Kenya also offers business and conference traveling. Kenya has well equipped conference rooms with the latest technology like those found in the developed world.

Kenya, a place where all imagination will be yours to experience, a land where the horizons are as wide as the smiles that greet you, where moments are timeless, the voices are endless. Hear the calling, feel the spirits find yourself here, discover real adventure. Create lasting memories. Welcome to Kenya and discover the magic of Africa

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